Brain training London 

Have you ever dreamt about training your brain like a muscle enhancing your intelligence and cognitive performance, self-regulation, and stress-management skills, memory, attention span, intuitive & creative abilities, and much more?


Here is a piece of good news: it is possible with our high-end FDA APPROVED equipment and technologies as well as sophisticated brain training strategies that already helped hundreds of our clients to reach their high-performance zone enhancing and harmonizing their lives on a mental, physical, social, and even spiritual levels.   

Neurofeedback brain-training could be divided into 2 categories: active and passive. Both approaches are non-invasive, safe, and scientifically validated.  

Our clients report that they feel results after just 1 session. Normally positive afterglow effect lasts for 2-3 days. Though for strong long-lasting results, a 10-100 sessions course is recommended.  

For whom:

1. children with learning difficulties

2. high-performance orientated adults 

3. children and adults suffering from affective disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, panic disorder)

4. people suffering from addictions