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What holistic neurotherapy is

Holistic neurotherapy is our unique method which was formulated by the group of scientists (out scientific commitee - all members have PhD tytle or an  equivalent) as a result of 20 years of academic research and private practice in the field of applied neuroscience, psychoneurophysiology, peak performance nutrition, and psychology. The main idea of the method is that all parts of the human body, the brain and the psyche are interconnected.


We use scientifically tested combination of the top-down (from the brain to the body through the nervous  system) and the bottom-up (from the body to the brain through the nervous system) neurophysiological approaches totally avoiding any prescribed or psychoactive drugs. In other words, we work with causes of neurological, psychological, and psycho-somatic problems tapping into physics (ex. brain frequencies and voltage, electric and electro-magnetic fields produced by the human brain and the body) leaving biochemistry to be altered naturally as a result of the balancng mental, neurological and physical process at their core. On scientific language it’s  called “360 degree human optimization”.


We design our protocols based of 3 main postulates of psychoneurophysiology:

  1. Brain controls all other bodily systems

  2. Brain acts as a radar scanning outer environment and passing information to the inner processor (thalamus, limbic system, frontal lobe, and endocrine glands) and then passing it further down to the body via electromagnetic activities. Once certain electromagnetic activities occur in the brain and the body the chain of neurochemical reactions begins altering our neurological, psychological, and physical states.

  3. The Brain and the body have a tendency to learn the most common states and then replay those states automatically (ex. any habits or behavioural/psycho-somatic patterns). But! Great news! If something was learned – it could be unlearned.

We can reprogram the brain and associated bodily reactions using our FDA approved equipment and protocols.

Who could be benefited from holistic neurotherapy:

  1. Peak performance orientated individuals

  2. People with learning difficulties and disabilities (ADD, ADHD, poor  attention span and memory, dyslexia, poor critical thinking abilities, etc.)

  3. People suffering from mood disorders (anxiety, biopolar and unipolar depression, PTSD, uncontrolled rage, avoidant behavior, dissociation)

  4. People experiencing age related cognitive decline

  5. People recovering from traumatic brain injuries 

  6. Peole recovering post COVID (COVID is a neurotoxic virus)

  7. People suffering from psycho-somatic problems (maladaptive eating habits, eating disorders, irritated bowl syndrome, chronic pain and inflammation, sleep problems, uncontrolled weight loss/gain, chronic mussel tension, migraines, etc.)

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