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What NeuroModulation is

Neuromodulation is one of the most advance FDA approved high-end medical solutions designed to stimulate human brain and the nervous system with electric micro current delivered by special neuromodulation equipment at certain targeted areas of the brain. This method is completely safe and well-tested by scientific and medical communities.


Apart from immediate benefits such as

  • increased neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself through learning or unlearning)

  • increased blood and cerebral spinal fluid perfusion to the brain and therefore increased oxygen and nutrients supply to the targeted brain areas

  • increased targeted neurotransmitters production (for example, psychoactive drugs free targeted dopamine/serotonin/GABA* production)


* Dopamine – neurotransmitter responsible for motivation, proactivity, feeling of wellbeing when our needs are met. Lack of dopamine manifests in procrastination, lack of motivation, low energy level, feeling of hopelessness. The extreme lack of dopamine is seen in Parkinson’s disease.

  Serotonin – social engagement neurotransmitter responsible for feeling of being seen, respected, included, and recognized. Lack of serotonin = depression, sleep problems, feeling of hopelessness and despair. The extreme lack of serotonin is manifested in chronic insomnia and suicidal ideations.

  GABA – calming neurotransmitter responsible for relaxation. Lack of GABA is manifested in racing obtrusive repetitive thoughts and obsessions.


neuromodulation also able to:

  • correct abnormalities in any brain functions (ex., eliminate anxiety by neutralizing pathologically widespread high beta brain waves or improve learning abilities by speeding up the overall brain functioning);

  • improve cognitive abilities such as memory and retrieval, attention span and quality, reaction time, critical and analytical thinking abilities, information gathering and processing styles;

  • eliminate mood problems such as active and passive aggression, social withdrawal, depressive tendencies, maladaptive fear response, etc.

  • reprogram behavioural manifestations of the neuropsychological problems such as addictions (including workaholism, compulsive shopping, videogames, gambling), maladaptive eating habits, maladaptive lifestyle habits.

  • fix  psycho-somatic manifestation of the neuropsychological problems such as sleep problems, digestive problems, migraines, chronic pain and inflammation, etc.



What is the difference between neurofeedback and neuromodulation

  • neurofeedback enables the brain to learn neuropsychological states using certain machine learning software programs without any direct influence to the brain, whereas during neuromodulation sessions certain electro-magnetic frequencies are actively induced on the targeted brain areas;

  • neuromodulation is more invasive and more aggressive method, whereas neurofeedback is non-invasive at all;

  • neuromodulation is much faster in terms of achieving targeted results

  • during neuromodulation session neuropsychological change is obvious and pulpable, and the effect grows during the next few days, whereas neurofeedback induced changes are felt in a certain period of time when the amount of repletion is enough for the brain to learn the  state completely. Neurofeedback could be compared with a natural gym training: the more you do – the more you learn, and the better you perform. Neuromodulation is like a training on steroids: you change rapidly and almost effortlessly improving your performance and look but in order to maintain gains you have to keep regiment and healthy diet after you stop gear administration;

  • both approaches are 100% safe and FDA approved


How neuromodulation works

  • We record brain activity in an active and passive states (Brain Mapping)

  • Analyze individual brain map and design a bespoke treatment plan

  • During a session electrodes are attached to certain areas of the scalp and certain frequencies  or noises are induced to the brain

  • After certain number of sessions the brain changes itself according to certain desired parameters


An average treatment duration is 10-30 sessions.



What is the holistic brain optimization 

Holistic brain optimization is a balance therapeutic combination of neurofeedback, neuromodulation, CBT, and peak performance nutrition.  In scientific terms this process is called 360 degree human optimization.  

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