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What the Brain Map is

It is a well-known fact that the human brain produces electric waves. Brain waves influence neurotransmitters production that determine our mental and physical states, mood, behaviour and performance in all areas of our life. If brain produces certain brain waves we feel happy, sharp and productive, willing to engage in social activities and connect with others and the World. That combination of the brain waves called “peak performance combo”. We record brain activity in a real time in resting and active (cognitive tasks and stress simulation) states in order to understand what kind of neuropsychological profile our clients have and what prevent them from the peak performance.


​Individual brain map is about 40-200 pages long digital file. In other words, the brain map is an individual brain manual which provides all information about neurological, psychological, and physiological patterns of the particular person.


What is the difference between a Brain Map and an EEG

This one of the most common question we answer daily.

EEG is a technical way to acquire, record and analyze brain electrical activity. Brain Map is a comprehensive scientific research of the particular brain during various mental and physical states based on which our expert formulate a bespoke strategy and a therapeutic plan.

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