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We at LimitlessPsyche built a bridge between high-tech medical solutions and protocols, newest biohacking techniques, AI based machine learning technologies such as Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation, psychoneurophysiological approaches such a polyvagal theory, various somatic body work protocols, peak performance nutrition and traditional humanistic psychotherapeutic modalities such a Transactional analysis, CBT, educational, developmental, and social psychology as well as ancient traditional medicinal practices such as naturopathy, acupuncture, and meditation.


Our main services:

  1. Individual brain research (aka Brain maps)

  2. Neurofeedback

  3. Neuromodulation

  4. pEMF therapy (pulsed Electro-Magnetic stimulation)

  5. Cognitive and cognitive-behavioural therapy

  6. Peak performance nutrition


Our vision:

Every human being is able to build up and successfully unitarize at full capacity their physical, mental, and cognitive resources as well their abilities to acquire knowledge, maintain concentration on a task, manage voluntarily their attention, psychological, and physical states. The most important thing is to know and be able to apply right tools and methods and consistently train your innate talents and abilities. We provide full range of services to assist our clients on their journey to peak performance and higher consciousness.


Our mission

is to assist peak performance orientated individuals in the process of reaching their goals via applying science-based FDA approved high-end technical solutions and protocols in the field of neuroscience, psychoneurophysiology and cognitive-behavioural therapy without using any performance-enhancing or psychoactive drugs.

In our work we use only 100% safe FDA approved equipment undergone randomized control trials and longitudinal studies.

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