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What Neurofeedback is

Neurofeedback (also called neurobiofeedback) is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity. We use neurofeedback to support a learning process. What do we learn? First of all, we learn neuro-states, for example, a state of calm and relaxed focused prolonged attention and creative but critical information processing, and associated behavioural outcomes, for example, peak performance or a state of flow.

How does Neurofeedback work? Simple! Neurofeedback is based on operant conditioning. It was designed and tested by Dr. Barry Sterman in 1932 in the US. Neurofeedback immediately acquired recognition in the scientific community as a super patented method to treat mental (anxiety, OCD, depression, PTSD, ASD, learning disabilities, eating disorders), and associated physical conditions such as insomnia, IBS, autoimmune disease, diabetes, chronic pain, and inflammation. However, the method was set aside for many years in the 60s due to big pharmaceutical companies' lobby after SSRIs (antidepressants) were introduces to the market of psychoactive drugs. For many years Neurofeedback was under-recognized and underutilized. The contemporary computer and AI revolution which took place during the last 30 years brought Neurofeedback back to light. 


We at LimitlessPsycheuse use special AI-based software and the most advanced FDA APPROVED qEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) machines in an attempt to acquire, analyze, and interpret personal brain activity patterns and abnormalities in order to design tailor-made brain training/brain stimulation programs for our clients. Based on the active and passive brain map analysis we identify abnormalities and cognitive/mental/neurological/somatic bottlenecks and come up with a clear equation of what parameters/frequencies must be improved in order to achieve desired cognitive and neurophysiological results. •We set parameters in the software, hook up a client with a super-sensitive eclectic cap and switch the specially designed videogame on. Clients do not use their hands to play the game,  they use their brain connected to the machine which reads brain activity. As soon as the targeted parameters are reached a client gets a reward (points in the game). Any reward stimulates dopamine production. With repetition, the brain gets used to the fact that if it works at certain parameters, it gets rewards and a well-deserved dopamine surge. In time thanks to neuroplasticity (the process when the brain changes itself through repetition) the brain will learn to perform at certain frequencies without being hooked-up to an amplifier and without playing a video game. Desired parameters will become a new neurological reality. This is how Neurofeedback works. Just as Pavlov's famous dogs, the human brain learns to behave in a certain manner. 

The disadvantage of neurofeedback is time. Some brains learn faster than others. Advantage: long-term results, safe way to acquire skills and knowledge, non-invasive approach. 

But! Good news! We can improve neuroplasticity itself through Neuromodulation - another FDA-approved and scientifically validated advanced but more aggressive method we use in LimitlessPsyche. 

Based on the active and passive brain map analysis we design certain stimulation protocols and put direct, alternated or pulsed microcurrents into particular zones of the brain in order to optimize its performance. The method is super fast. On average 10-30 sessions are enough to achieve desired results and dramatically improve the neuroplasticity of the brain.

How it works 

1. We collect personal data using highly sensitive gold and silver 19 electrodes caps placed on the scalp to measure the electrical activity of the brain in various conditions (relaxed awake state, closed eyes, cognitive tasks, stressed state, meditation state, etc). 

2. We analyze and interpret data creating a comprehensive brain map and a digital report. 

3. We compare individual data with a healthy population normative database in order to identify abnormalities and deviations. 

4. We design bespoke holistic strategies and brain training plans taking into account personal clint's needs and aspirations 


5. We execute the plan through Neurofeedback, NeuroModulation, pEMF stimulation, and other high-end FDA APPROVED technologies, CBT protocols, and peak performance nutrition programs.

6. We support our clients' success by providing unlimited online support*

We use only scientifically validated tools and equipment. All our devices are non-invasive, 100% safe, FDA approved. 

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