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What Peak performance nutrition program is

You are what you eat is a comonly used phrase. But not so many people know that 80% of serotonin (the neurotransmitter of wellbeing) is made in the gut? Do you know that the human body is a super sophisticated chemical factory? Do you want to be in control of your mental, physical and social performance? Then bespoke peak-performance nutrition program is a solution!

We do not believe in generic solutions as every human body is unique.
We carefully access our clients and create bespoke programs adapted for personal needs and circumstances. 
We create programs taking into account: 
- personal physical and mental anamnesis
- genetics, body composition, and metabolic characteristics
- levels of fitness and daily activities
- current nutrition and eating habits
- sleep patterns and stress level 
- allergies and intolerances
- life circumstances such as workload, personal commitments, and so on.
The program is created after an in-depth lifestyle examination is done in our practice located in Central London. 
The program includes:
- 2 1-2-1 60-minutes sessions with Tatiana (an initial lifestyle assessment and program follow-up)
- a customised nutrition plan
- a customised fitness plan
- a customised supplementation plan
- a customised ergogenic aid plan 
*Tests and scans are not included in the program and priced separately depending on the service provider

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