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Meditate your destiny

Meditation and gratitude are two highest forms of thinking 

Dr. Joe Dispenza 

What is this course about 

We've all seen mesmerising images of peaceful, joyful yogi-meditators who seems, stay totally zen and cool in any circumstance. We've all read books about the benefits of meditation. We've all encountered multiple articles about celebrities and entrepreneurs like Bridgewater CEO, Ray Dalio, who swore that all their success came from regular meditative practices. We all know that Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and even Madonna are experienced meditators. Finally, we all have a couple of regularly meditating friends who always look so light, bright, young, healthy, and trouble-free. On the other hand, we might have tried all of that “new age stuff” ourselves, like attending multiple yoga classes, downloaded all those calming apps but it just doesn’t work for us. And a logical question is – who is lying? Why does it work for some people and not for others? What are we missing?


The answerer to this question is pretty simple - no one is lying. But, in order to reap benefits from meditation, or anything else in life, we have to devote a great deal of time to learn it first. It is the same as learning languages, crafts or sports. Knowing techniques, regular practice, progress analysis, objective feedback, and improvement are important. But the crucial factor is to clearly understand why you need to put your effort and time into doing something. Without solid reasoning, any process is just a waste of time unless the process by itself is extremely pleasurable and makes us feel good.  


So, why learn meditation? There are at least 5 reasons: 


Course outline:


Day 1

What is meditation

Scientific research about meditation

Types of meditation

Neuroscience of meditation

Biochemistry of meditation

CBT and meditation

Quantum physics and meditation  

How to meditate

Practical experience 1: breath


Day 2

Stress reduction and meditation

How it works

Let your body talk to you

Practical experience 2: progressive muscle relaxation

Practical experience 3: 3 types of breathing


Day 3

Change your body through meditation

Practical experience 4: mindful open monitoring of emotions

Practical experience 3: leave your body

Practical experience 5: loving-kindness meditation


Day 4

Rewiring your mind through meditation

Free yourself from past traumas and limitations

Practical experience 5: identify and test your limiting believes

Practical experience 6: create your own mantra (beneficial mental repetition)

Practical experience 7: my ideal self = happy self


Day 5

Putting everything together: the subliminal reprogramming session.   

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

Jon Kabat-Zinn

About the course and follow-up

This course was developed and standardized as 5x2.5-hour workshops for corporate clients. However, it could be restructured for your needs and time. 


This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of how various meditation techniques could be applied to solving day-to-day problems arising in highly competitive and stressful business environment. The course is designed in order to deliver complex scientific findings in the field of neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, quantum physics, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy. 


We are also happy to provide an opportunity for real-time advanced quantitative measurements by using EEG, QEEG, and fMRI scans provided by our partners from cutting-edge laboratories based on the best universities and medical schools in the World such as UCL, Yale, Harward Medical School, UC Berkeley and many more.


After the course is completed we recommend establishing a regular follow-up practice with our trained practitioners in order to perfect obtained skills and abilities 


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