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Stress-management 101 

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. 

Les Brown

Course outline:

Day 1 Everything about stress. Cynical view on tragic things.

  1. What is stress (mental, physical and behavioural symptoms)

  2. Common causes and consequences of stress

  3. Why we can’t “switch it off”

  4. Human brain and stress

  5. Why your brain makes you suffer (evolutionary view on anxiety, depression, low motivation and decreased productivity)

  6. Basic stress response (fight, flight, freeze)

  7. When panic attacks!

  8. SOS practical exercise to overcome panic attacks


Day 2 Hack your brain for stress-free living

  1. Why we feel the stress (evolutionary view)

  2. Is it possible to change the stress response?   

  3. Neuroplasticity main principles

  4. Types of anxiety

  5. Determine your anxiety patterns

  6. Overcome fight response (practical exercise)

  7. Overcome flight response (practical exercise)

  8. Unfreeze and smile (practical exercise)


Day 3 Strong for too long (intellectual anxiety)

  1. Left hemisphere based (“logical type”) anxiety (worry, anticipation, fear, obsessive thoughts)

  2. Determine your “logical type” anxiety tendencies (obsessions, ruminations, anxious negativity)

  3. How to overcome complex intellectual anxiety

  4. “Safe haven” (practical exercise)

  5. Rumination STOP! (practical exercise)


Day 4 Free your creativity

  1. Right hemisphere based anxiety

  2. Identify your “creative type” anxiety tendencies (negative daydreaming, cognitive fusion, catastrophizing)

  3. How to overcome complex “creative type” anxiety

  4. Use your senses (practical exercise)

  5. Self-awareness techniques (practical exercise)  

Day 5 Transcend your mammalian negativity

  1. What is happiness?

  2. Meet your happy chemicals  

  3. Meet the killer

  4. How to become happier  

  5. Restructure your thoughts (ABC model – practical exercise)

  6. Why love and kindness is good for your health and business (cynical view on human values)


Benefits of the course 

90% of the things we are worried about never happen.

Oprah Winfrey

1. Creates a healthy, harmonious corporate culture

2. Dramatically reduces stress 

3. Boosts motivation, productivity, creativity 

4. Balances relationships 

6. Creates a friendly collaborative atmosphere 


Recommended follow-up: 

2-3 times a week small groups (up to 5 people) or individual sessions with our trained CBT and meditation coach 


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