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We conduct independent scientific research in the field of neuroscience, biochemistry, and human body optimization. We share our knowledge in the form of private consultation as well as high-end educational programs for our private and corporate clients. 

4 main standardized courses for high-performance individuals and corporations were designed as a result of 15 years of research in the field of neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, psycho-endocrinology, biochemistry, and applied psychology.

Our evolution


We started the project from conducting independent research in the intersection of a few fields:

- Cognitive-behavioral neuroscience

- Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT) therapy 

- CBT for anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, work and relationships related stress, emotional and chemical addictions, affective and reactive attachment disorders, as well as learning disabilities and difficulties.  

- Epigenetics

- Neuro-endocrinology

- Neurophysiology 

- applied Neuroscience and Psychology

- Neuroplasticity 


The latest addition to the research came from quantum physics, light, and energy emission studies, evolutionary theory, neuro, and biofeedback.


As a result, our method called SelfBuilding was developed. 


The central idea of the method is: 

- to identify and analyze personal development limiting factors such as negative maladaptive conscious and unconscious cognitive constructs,  mental repetitions, and behaviours, 

- create a list of SMART goals and execution plan 

- formulate and introduce positive and beneficial coping strategies 

- execute the plan in a flexible, adaptive, but trackable way with grace and diligence until desired results are achieved.


This method helped many of our private clients to change their personality and, as a result, their health, self-perception, career, relationships with others and the World, and, finally, their life. You can see testimonials here.


SelfBuilding method was used as the practical base for a few applied neuroscience courses we developed for our private clients.  Running regular public lectures and groups we realized that we can offer those courses to corporations in order to help sophisticated modern companies to create healthy and inspiring corporate cultures as well as increase the cognitive and creative capacity of their employees, and the level of subjective life satisfaction as a result. 


We recommend you to start from Neuroscience of changing behaviour, then take Neuroscience and Stress-management 101, add Science of happinessand enrich the journey with Neuroscience and meditation.


This sequence of learning will allow you to: 

- understand complex concepts and theories of applied neuroscience, cognitive-behavioural therapy, neurophysiology, epigenetics, and quantum physics

- follow the right logic in order to be able to get more valuable insights 

- digest complex scientific material split into bite-size portions 

- combine learnings from one course with insights from the next one 

- build the whole picture step-by-step

- apply skills and learnings into real life at a SMART pace

- track progress 

- go forward with mastering your skills being guided by our certified coaches 


We also believe that the right follow-up strategies we offer to our clients would assist and upgrade learning, keep repetition and practice on the high-efficiency levels, and provide solid support and gentle guidance during the exciting journey of mastering your own destiny. 

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