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LimitlessPsyche is an international leading holistic Neurotherapy company. We specialize in Brain Mapping (individual brain research), Neurofeedback, Neuromodulation, pEMF therapy, CBT (cognitive-behavioural and cognitive therapy) as well as peak performance training. We operate in central London (St. James’s Park, and Harley street), Dubai (Anantara Resort, Palm Jumeirah and Boulevard Plaza Tower 1), Los-Angeles (Coldwater canyon), and Moscow (Bolshaya Nikitskaya 31).

LimitlessPsyche provides comprehensive high-end Neurofeedback & Neuromodulation therapy using FDA-approved EEG, qEEG, and non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation equipment & protocols as well as traditional, scientifically validated, widely accepted by medical community methods.

Our areas of expertise:

peak performance (physical and mental),

- cognitive enhancement and rejuvenation (attention, memory, concentration, creativity, critical thinking abilities),

- learning difficulties and disabilities (ADD, ADHD, age-related cognitive decline)

- mood-disorders (anxiety (uncontrolled rage, dissociation, avoidance, overstimulation, including overstimulation with work), depression, bipolar disorder)

- trauma resolution (Post-traumatic stress disorder) 

- stress reduction (stress-management)

- sleep deprivation & insomnia

- addictions (alcohol, prescribed and recreational drugs, sugar, junk food, stress addiction, rage addiction, adrenaline/dopamine addiction, sex addiction, gambling, video games, compulsive shopping addiction, etc.)

- eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, emotional over-eating)  disorders

We believe that the human body, brain, and mind are one and act in a perfect orchestra of a complex interconnected system. If one element of the system underperforms or performs incorrectly – the whole performance suffers. 


Our mission is to help high-performance orientated people and corporations to enhance their cognitive, mental, physical, and, therefore, creative capacity by accessing and optimizing their mental and physical performance through neuro&biofeedback training and Neuromodulation (non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation), CBT, psychotherapy, peak performance training, and biochemistry optimization.

We use high-end FDA approved newest technologies

  • EEG, qEEG (quantitative encephalography) - Q21

  • Non-invasive microcurrent brain training devices - Genesis, X6000, X3000

  • Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomograpthy 

  • HeartMathInstitute tools and protocols (EM-WAVE PRO, and the selection of highly efficient, FDA APPROVED tools and protocols for depression, anxiety, anger management, stress management, emotional eating, addictions, ADHD, PTSD, and more)

  • Other biofeedback tools (HRV assessment tools, stress-thermometer, etc.)

  • High and low-frequency sound and pEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) therapy

  • Color and light therapy

  • Olfactory brain stimulation 


How we work:

1. Free 15 min phone consultation – get in touch to evaluate if our services are suitable for you. We will discuss your questions, issues, aspirations, goals, and needs.


2. The initial assessment (normally takes 3 hours) includes:

  • qEEG (quantitative resting-state EEG) and ERP (event-related potential research: EEG recorded during a cognitive task and under stress conditions) brain assessment. We record 19-channel EEG (brain electrical activity) under different cognitive, emotional, and physical conditions in order to assess and evaluate brain activity patterns and abnormalities, identify initial cognitive capacity, stress response characteristics, attention span, and cognitive fatigue time, as well as possible bottlenecks for peak performance

  • HRV assessment (we collect data in order to evaluate how the electromagnetic field of your body created by the heart is allied with electromagnetic patterns of your brain waves).

  • CBT assessment (we use various scientifically validated assessment scales and simulations). We assess your baseline psychological and neurophysiological health.

  • Cognitive functions assessment (memory, retrieval, attention span and quality, concentration quality and depth, stress response, cognitive fatigue time)

3. Personalized strategy and program - our experts (all Ph.D.) will design your personalized holistic health program based on the results of your initial assessment ran through qEEG, ERP, and HRV analysis, as well as other FDA, approved devices, AI software, and bio&neurofeedback equipment in order to bring your mental, cognitive, and psychical abilities to the peak-performance level improving multidimensionally your wellbeing.


4. Once your program is designed and discussed we set a sessions schedule for the next few weeks, months.

We offer our clients two payment options:

  • Flexible pay-as-you-go strategy (for super busy people)

  • Paid upfront 10 sessions package with reasonable discount.  



To find out if we can help please fill a form and book your free 15 min consultation

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