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Everything You Have To Know About Neurofeedback Therapy

We practice holistic quantitative approach to human health
Brain activity scan

Have you ever dreamt about training your brain like a muscle enhancing your intelligence and cognitive performance, self-regulation, and stress-management skills, memory, attention span, intuitive & creative abilities, and much more?

Well, with Neurofeedback therapy it is possible. Dreams finally came true for the public after almost 100 years being hidden in the best labs all around the World. But let me come back to the history of Neurofeedback (and it’s super exciting history btw) later in the blog.

Now let me explain how it works.

We at LimitlessPshyche use the most advanced FDA approved machines and technologies
Low Resolution Electro-magnetic tomography

First of all, Neurofeedback therapy or Neurofeedback brain-training could be divided into 2 categories: active (Neurofeedback training itself) and passive (transcranial direct or alternated current brain stimulation or electro-magnetic brain stimulation). Both approaches are non-invasive, safe, and scientifically validated.

Secondly, Neurofeedback therapy has NO side-affects unlike all possible psycho-active medication.

And the last, but not least, Neurofeedback training will alter your brain functioning just the way you want as it’s totally quantitative, trackable, and adjustable on the every step of the therapy.


Neurofeedback could help you to deal with:

● Anxiety

● Depression

● Problems with learning (attention, memory, retrieval, reasoning, etc.)

● Executive functions

● Mood instabilities

What the procedure looks like exactly?

In both cases (Neurofeedback training and brain stimulation) super sensitive electrodes are attached to the scalp. We, at LimitlessPsyche, use the most advanced FDA APPROVED qEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) amplifiers, and AI software to acquire, analyse, and interpret personal brain electrical activity patterns and abnormalities in order to design bespoke brain training/brain stimulation programs for our clients.

How does it work step-by-step?

qEEG + Brain map

● We collect personal data using highly sensitive gold and silver 19 channel electrodes caps (it’s enough to track the electrical activity in more than 1000 brain areas) placed on the scalp with conductive gel or paste to measure the electrical activity in the brain in various conditions (relaxed awake state, cognitive tasks, stressed state, meditation state, etc.).

● Once the personal data is collected we analyse and interpret data creating a comprehensive brain map and a report. Typical brain map is a PDF document (about 40-100 pages long). It’s kind of a brain passport and the manual in the same time. Your brain map will be unique and information derived from your brain map will be applicable just for your brain.

● We annualize and compare individual neurological data which is similar to finger prints with a healthy population of the same age database in order to identify abnormalities and deviations from the norm. (I will come back to the topic of “norm” in another blog post).

● ​Once the detailed analysis is done we design bespoke holistic strategy and a brain training plan taking into account personal client's needs and aspirations. Let me give you an example. For instance, you would like to improve your attention span because you are not able to sustain and fully catch, let’s say, 40 min lecture (many people are not able to sustain even 10 minutes long conversation about basic things that’s why they doesn’t remember even a tiny fraction of what they were talking about). So, long story short, let’s assume you are not happy with your attention span because you miss plenty of valuable information during every conversation you have. Obviously, it’s a massive competitive disadvantage to compare to your peers who can catch right details in a right time, and respond in a right balanced way. We conduct qEEG research and see that your stress response is getting switched on very easily and quickly in a form of pathologically high beta brain waves or certain incoherence in neuronal communication. In other words, you start getting nervous at some point, start thinking how you are looking or what your interlocuter thinks about you. Your executive functions shut down when your stress response reaches certain level and you simply stop following. We can address this issue with Neurofeedback training. But not only that. It was just one of the most common examples.

● Neurofeedback brain training/brain stimulation is conducted using high-end FDA APPROVED devises and AI programs. Normal session is about 60 min long and includes various techniques and protocols coded for your personal needs and traits. During the training session we place electrodes on your scalp and offer you to conduct certain task. It could be a specially designed video game or something else. Meanwhile an amplifier reads your brain activity in the real time and when your brain reaches certain parameters you get a reward (points, sounds, images, and so on). Your brain memorizes the fact that when it performs on certain parameters it gets rewarded. Thanks to neuroplasticity (the ability of the human brain to change and reorganise itself) your brain learns to function in a certain (beneficial) way. In time it will be able to recreate beneficial states voluntarily without a Neurofeedback amplifier.

● We add CBT and psychotherapy tools and methods if necessary to facilitate the quickest and the most efficient outcome.

● ​We practice holistic approach to human health supporting our clients' success with lifestyle, activities, nutrition, supplementation, and biohacking recommendations.

How Do I Know If The Neurofeedback Is Working?

Train your brain playing your favourite games
NeuroFeedback + brain training

· You will notice positive changes immediately after the first session. Example: one of my anxiety clients started feeling way more relaxed after just 10 min of stimulation and was able to sleep first time in years without taking heavy sleeping pills after just one session. However, it’s rather an exception. The best effect is achieved with repetition (as all learning). The average training/therapy duration is 10-40 sessions. Sometimes it could be less, sometimes – more. The duration really depends on your effort and personal neuroplasticity.

· With the help of Neurofeedback visual graphs and figures you can see the progress made during every session.

· You can stop/adjust training/therapy at any time without spoiling the overall effect. But for long lasting results we recommend to commit to the plan following all necessary steps, completing your homework and self-education.

Why Do People Try Neurofeedback?

You will feel positive changes from the first session
Immediate relieve

People try Neurofeedback because:

1. Unlike many other forms of cognitive and behavioural adjustment and enhancement our clients can track their progress in a quantitative way having an access to all their personal data.

2. Neurofeedback is safe, effective and relatively short in time to compare to even CBT (the shortest in duration type of cognitive and behavioural therapy).

3. You can’t become “worse”. You can became only BETTER because process is quantitatively tracked every single step.

4. Neurofeedback works when other kinds of therapies do not. Scientifically proven that neurofeedback training/therapy has 90% success rate to compare to medication (only 50%) with no relapses after the therapy will be completed.

5. Neurofeedback has no side effects to compare to psycho-active medication.

6. Neurofeedback (biofeedback) target not only the brain itself but also central nervous system and the whole body optimizing all internal processes.

For whom:

● For peak-performers and super-achiever

● For those who suffer from stress, anxiety, and psycho-somatic stress manifestations such as insomnia, neuralgia, emotional eating, substances abuse

● For those who experience mood regulation problems such as depression, OCS, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

● People/children with learning difficulties and disabilities

Benefits of Neurofeedback:-

● A healthier brain

● Improved Memory

● Improved Sleep

● Reduced Anxiety

● Improved Depression Symptoms

● Increased attention span

● Better productivity

● Better social dynamics

● Improved immune system due to harnessed stress response of the autonomic nervous system.

How many neurofeedback sessions do I need?

Our clients report that they feel results after just 1 session. Normally a positive afterglow effect lasts for 2-3 days. Though for strong long-lasting results, a 10-40 sessions course is recommended.

Where to go for Neurofeedback Training in London?

LimitlessPsyche is an international leading holistic Neurofeedback and CBT practice founded by cognitive-behavioral neuro-physiologist and neurophysiologist Tatiana Dmitrieva in 2015. We are involved in a cutting-edge scientific research and collaborate with few famous medical schools in the UK, and the US. We have an access to scientific network and apart from our highly-skilled and qualified experts we will be able to find you the best professionals in the fields of mental health and well-being as well as cognitive and physical peak performance all around the Globe.

Book an appointment today. For more info, visit or give us a call.

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