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Brain electrical waves 101

The human brain never really switches-off constantly producing brain waves ​in a form of electrical impulses. There are 7 main types of brain waves and each of them is responsible for particular states of mind and body:

Delta (0.1-2 Hz) - deep dreamless resting sleep. Unconscious state.

Theta (3-7 Hz) - REM (dream) sleep, hypnotic state, meditation. Children before age 6 produce plenty of theta waves exactly for this reason they are not able to operate in abstract thinking and learn everything like a sponge literally absorbing knowledge without questioning it on a rational level, simply because rational thinking is not fully formed yet.

Theta waves are associated with human subconscious. All our demons as well as angels live on the Theta territory.

Alpha (7-12 Hz) - normal relaxed state, state of creative thinking when your imagination is booming. State of awake dreaming and manifesting. Alpha waves act at a bridge between conscious and subconscious. In other words, Alpha waves are the key to opening the door from physical 3D reality readily available to all our senses into another dimension that is not possible to sense fully yet but possible to manifest and bring into 3D.

Slow Beta, Beta 1 or SMR (sensory-motor rythm) - 12-15 Hz - relaxed rational mind. We experience Slow Beta when reading a book or have a need to concentrate and focus on a particular cognitive task without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Beta 1 - area of peak-performance.

Beta 2 (15-18 Hz) - extreme concentration. A typical example of Beta 2 is doing a test or solving a complex problem.

High Beta or Beta 3 (18-30 Hz) - extreme tension up to the panic level. High Beta is associated with extreme stress response, and anxiety. Scientists believe that the High Beta state is undesirable and unhealthy if experienced for a prolonged period of time.

Gamma (30-60 Hz) - "a-ha" state, state of insights or epiphanies, enlightened state. However, Gamma is pretty rarely produced by an average brain unless they are stimulated and not super difficult to manage.

Neurofeedback training allows our clients to create a desirable state of mind, learn it and in time recreate it voluntarily without any equipment.

We at LimitlessPsyche designed over 500 protocols for Neurofeedback training helping our clients to achieve incredible states of mind and body starting peak-performance state, to sophisticated and harmonious Samadhi (no mind) as well as Buddhists Gamma states. All protocols are non-invasive and 100% safe tested by the scientific community and FDA approved.

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